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    Mohinders is a small shoe business based in San Francisco, Mumbai, and Athani, India.

    Their designs are deeply rooted in the shoemaking traditions of Northern Karnataka, a region in India.

    They work with families of 3rd-and 4th-generation shoemakers and leather tanners. And strive to uphold respectful design and sustainability from start to finish. This means heirloom, regional processes, intentional choices to reduce waste and use lower-impact materials, and creating shoes that last and age beautifully.

    Mohinder shoes are carefully handmade in 37 steps.
    This collection comes from a small village called Athani, India. It’s located in Northern Karnataka, a region with a centuries-long shoemaking history.

    Every shoe is made-by-hand; master shoemakers specialize in different parts of the process like weaving, skiving, stitching, hammering, and fitting on a last.